Using a library of artwork...

My illustrated products are designed from my original artwork which are created in acrylics, watercolour or pen and ink. I have been painting scenes of the countryside and coast around East Sussex for longer than I care to admit and these provided me with a library of images to use when I began my gift and stationery busniness, Beauty Spot Designs.
My range of prints and greetings cards is continually growing as I produce more original artwork. Selected paintings are available from online but the latest collection is reserved for exhibitions around East Sussex. My reputation as an artist is steadily growing and is occasionally boosted with TV (BBC Countryfile episode) and art book features!
I hope that my products will appeal to my southern neighbours but also to anyone in the UK or abroad who has family/friends connections with this beautiful part of the world, or who has enjoyed holidays in the area. Or maybe someone who loves one of my scenes such as the Coastguard Cottages at Cuckmere Haven but hasn't quite got there yet!
There are also some fun designs for cards and posters that will suit many occasions.
I hope you enjoy browsing my collection of work and you will visit my website when you next need to buy a special gift.
All artwork by Margaret Turton, Sussex artist
Margaret Turton Art

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